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Websites that Support Business Growth

Our Services

Website Strategy

The design and functionality of a website are based on the purpose of that site.  SSG supports its clients by defining the actions the site supports in furtherance of business goals and objectives.  This purpose is the basis for web development and design.

To learn more about how SSG can help with your website strategy, schedule an appointment.

Web Design

Designing a great website that is interesting, attractive, and provides pertinent content is tricky.  There is a difference between creating a website and creating a professional website that wows your visitors while ensuring the UX design drives business results.

  • To what will visitors respond?

  • Is the site well organized and easily navigated?

  • Does the site look fresh and clean?  Is the content up to date? 

SSG designs Websites using both the regular Wix Editor and the new Editor X platform

To learn more about how SSG can help with Wix web design,  schedule an appointment.

Web Development

Wix web development is based on 3 platform capabilities.

  • Velo (javaScript) coding for custom features and functions

  • Database backends supporting real-time site modifications

  • Dynamic pages that reduce redundant  development time, and page loads

To learn more about how SSG can help you with web development, schedule an appointment.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a culmination of code, design, content copy editing, and more that can increase a website's organic ranking for content searches.  SEO is an art that requires a deep understanding of how search engines operate and the algorithms that combine to create the site ranking.

To learn more about how SSG can help you with SEO, schedule an appointment.

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High Quality Web Design
is Both an Art & a Science

SSG Web Services provides an initial design, then works with you to fine-tune your website. 


Whether you are looking for a simple landing page or an advanced e-commerce website you can count on SSG Web Services to be a creative solution for your business's web presence.

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