Custom Logo Design

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Basic Logo

Cost: $199.90 USD (fixed price)

The client will need to provide:

  • Image (picture or graphic in a JPG, PNG, or PSD file format)

  • Company Name: as it is to appear on the logo

  • All color codes (Hex or RBG codes) to be used in the logo


We will create

  • 1 logo sketch 

  • The client may make 1 change to the sketched design



Upon final design, SSG will deliver via email

  • 1 logo image in JPG format

  • 1 logo image in PNG file format.

Images will be approximately 800 x 800 px and a minimum of 92 DPI (PPI).

Each additional change to the design will incur a charge of $50



The Client will pay a $100 non-refundable fee as consideration of the agreement to create the logo.

All fees are to be paid in US Dollars

Upon completion of work, and immediately prior to delivery of the logo package, the client will pay all additional fees owed.

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