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About VELO
& Advanced Websites

Velo by Wix is a comprehensive web development platform that lets you build professional web applications in a hassle-free environment. With Velo, you get access to an open platform that combines a visual builder with a built-in IDE, serverless Node.js, integrated databases and more. All of which is backed by the secure Wix Cloud and requires zero setup time.


In addition to using the Wix editor’s built-in features, you can add custom functionalities and interactions using Velo's APIs, install npm packages, connect to 3rd party APIs, and more - all while using your own preferred development tools.

The 3 Components of VELO

VELO is less a product and more a branding concept that includes 3 components:


Backend databases allow the website to be easily maintained while providing the basis for advanced web funtionality.  When combined either with repeaters or CORVID coding, the backend databases allow for complex parsing of nearly any data element served up on any Wix page or fold.  Recently Wix added the ability to integrate with outside databases as well.

Dynamic Pages

Dynamic Pages allow the website to remain "thin" by creating a template that can serve up different data from the Wix databases (collections).  With the use of dynamic pages, redundant designs can be created to display alternative data within any data element.  This function can significantly reduce the number of pages that comprise a website and therefor seed up load times.

Velo (WixJavaScript)

Do yo want complete control over how your website functions? Do you want special customization? The abilty to custom code your Wix website using a form of JavaScript is a game changer for WIx the platform, allowing developers to create the customizations you need. With this function, and the continual roll out of APIs, there is little that cannot be created within your Wix web developers and for you platform.  Velo Coding allows the developer to intefgrate custom functions and features into exisitng Wix Apps, create functions with out the need to add Apps, and intgrate with external applications as well.

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