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SSG Web Services is Now a Certified WIX Studio Agency

Updated: Jul 7

Recently Wix announced a major improvement by combining the ease of use of the old Wix Editor with the professional but significantly more complex Editor X; the result is a product called WIX STUDIO ®. As the product has improved it is a strong competitor with products like Webflow, a leading web development platform. The new editor is designed for trained web designers/developers and while more complex than the average DIYer can use, resulting in stunning and interesting websites that can offer advanced functionality and design.

What is the Wix Studio Certification?

A few months ago Wix announced a Certification Program for Wix Studio®. Those who pass the certification have proven to Wix that they are experts in managing and utilizing the features of WIx Studio. The certification program requires the designer to re-create a complex website designed by Wix Expert Designers, and then create an original and published website built on the WIx Studio® Platform. All in all, it takes from 6 to 9 weeks to go through the certification evaluation process.

The entire process is designed to ensure that agencies and freelancers who build on this advanced editor are capable of producing effective, workable, and functional Wix Studio® websites.

SSG Web Services is proud to have been awarded the Wix Studio Certification.

Our Commitment

SSG Web Services has committed to supporting websites built on both the old Wix Editor and Editor X, but will now only create new websites using the Wix Studio® Editing Platform.

Feel free to contact us at (or call +1 216.816.0102) to learn more about Wix Studio's capabilities. We are excited to demonstrate this superior tool.

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