New Feature in Wix Forms - Multiple E-mail Recipients

Wix's team, led by PM Rinat Klapholz , and to feedback received from users, and Partners, announced earlier this week a new feature in Wix Forms. It is now possible to choose multiple recipients for form notifications - either Site Contributors with access to Wix Inbox or Other Emails that do not necessarily have access to Inbox.

Based on the option that is selected, the form submission emails will not only appear slightly different but also they will have different functionality when responding to them. The notification can be sent to Site Contributors, or to email addresses outside of the website. Also, multiple recipients can be chosen (the limit of outside recipients is 2 unless you subscribe to Ascend, then it is unlimited.

Give the entire flow a try to see what suits you best - try out each option, add different email addresses, submit a form, view the form submission email, and try to reply to it.

Thank you Rinat & team.

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