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What Exactly Do We Mean by "Mobile Web"?

Simply put, Wix's Mobile Web function provides the ability for the elements within your website to adjust to the size and shape of the screen on which you are viewing the content.  Today, most desktop screens are shaped like a rectangle with the top and bottom being longer than the sides are tall.  This is referred to as a “Landscape” orientation.  However, most cell phones are oriented just the opposite, with the sides being taller than the length of the top and bottom of the rectangle.  This is “Portrait” orientation.  Obviously, an element on the website that is as wide as a screen, landscape oriented, won’t fit properly on a portrait oriented screen.  SSG Web Service's Mobile web solutions solves this problem by reorienting the screen elements to properly fit within the orientation parameters.

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As part of SSG Web Service’s standard design component, we make sure that each website we design is also set up for mobile devices utilizing Wix's mobile web facilities.  This ensures that your website looks as good on a cell phone, tablet, or any other mobile device, as it does on the desktop.  Additionally, SSG Web Services will make design recommendations, designed to ensure the fastest loading times for your website on mobile devices.

Mobile Web

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