About VELO & Advanced Websites

Velo by Wix is a comprehensive web development platform that lets you build professional web applications in a hassle-free environment. With Velo, you get access to an open platform that combines a visual builder with a built-in IDE, serverless Node.js, integrated databases and more. All of which is backed by the secure Wix Cloud and requires zero setup time.


In addition to using the Wix editor’s built-in features, you can add custom functionalities and interactions using Velo's APIs, install npm packages, connect to 3rd party APIs, and more - all while using your own preferred development tools.

The 3 Components of VELO

VELO is less a product and more a branding concept that includes 3 components:


Dynamic Pages

JavaScript (Node.js)

SSG Web Services

is a Leading Agency in the Development of

Advanced Wix Websites


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